100% private profiles. Whether you're hiring, chasing a referral fee, or applying for a job directly, Jumpkick is all about direct connections -- so it's as private as you want it to be.

Get paid to recruit friends. Are you someone with tons of professional contacts, who always gets asked to help your clients, employer, or colleagues fill a job -- without any promise of compensation, even though that's what recruiters get paid for? (If so, just sign up for our email notification and thank us later.)

Get recruited discreetly. If you're searching for a job (or open to the idea), you don't always want to shout it from the rooftops -- especially if you're currently employed. Jumpkick lets you easily pick and choose referrals and get job-specific recommendations from your most esteemed colleagues without announcing it to the various search engines.

Recruit people intelligently. If you're a hiring manager, you're not usually looking for people who are actively looking for a job -- especially since the best people tend to be currently employed. Jumpkick puts top applicants -- people who are already vetted by your coworkers and their colleagues -- at the top of your inbox.